Monday, March 30, 2009

Gone writing ...

... to steal a phrase - and blog heading - from Laura Lippman.

Working on revisions to the new novel this week, so blogging will be sparse until they're done (as if you hadn't noticed already). I have a couple unfinished things in the cooker that I'll eventually post, including "Big Apple Time Capsule Pt. 4," and a look at post-war British apocalyptic fiction. In the meantime, however, and till we're back to a regular blogging schedule, I'll try to provide some quick links for your edification and amusement:

+ Hours of fun over at the Bad Review Revue, as always, though they haven't updated in a while.

+ At The Rap Sheet, a look at the EXECUTIONER paperback series, a guilty pleasure of my teenage reading years, courtesy of British crime novelist Matt Hilton.

+ Crime writer - and Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement agent - James O. Born has re-emerged under the alias of James O'Neal. His first science fiction novel, THE HUMAN DISGUISE, will be out in May. He also continues to get naked every once in a while, over at his group blog.

+ A little retro girl-group fun from Sarah Borges and her band.

+ A great new look and layout to one of my favorite tribute sites, The Violent World of Parker.

+ And finally, with a tip of the hat to The House Next Door, a great moment in American acting, courtesy of Ryan O'Neal and Norman Mailer:


Jmags said...

I figured "Gone writing.." was a reference to the upcoming title.

wstroby said...

No, I stole it from Laura Lippman, who usually leaves a similar post on her blog when she's under deadline.
The title of the new book is actually under debate at the moment, with some folks at SMP having last minute second thoughts. We'll see what happens.

Jmags said...

The title did remind me of the Wyclef Jean song.

wstroby said...

Some of the folks at SMP are worried that if you don't know the song, the title GONE TILL NOVEMBER doesn't make any sense. They're right, of course, I just haven't come up with a good alternative yet.