Monday, March 16, 2009

Sarah Borges in N.J.

Back in N.J., in the cold and damp, after nearly a month in Fla. and other southeastern climes.

Made it back to N.J. just in time for an intimate house (or rather garage) concert today in Freehold by the extremely talented (and adorable) Sarah Borges (above) and her band The Broken Singles, just kicking off a tour for their third album "The Stars Are Out." Sarah, a Boston native, is one of the best-kept secrets in American roots rock today, though The New York Times outed her in a rave review last year. She's got some real musical chops as well as a winning stage persona, and is also capable of writing ridiculously catchy songs. The new album leans more to rock than her previous discs, but it's just as infectious.

Here are a couple of Sarah's videos, first a twangy studio performance from her second album, 2007's "Diamonds in the Dark," and then rocking out Joan Jett-style on the first single from "The Stars Are Out."

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