Thursday, May 25, 2006

Well, they blew up C-8 in Asbury last month ...

... and it only took 17 years.

For Shore residents, the unfinished structure called C-8 that loomed over Asbury Park's beachfront had become something of a local landmark. A high-rise condo project that went unfinished after its developers went bankrupt in 1989, the skeletal 12-story building had become a symbol of Asbury's failed redevelopment. Readers of THE BARBED-WIRE KISS will note that I used C-8 as the setting for the climactic scene in the novel, and at the time (2002) I was concerned the building would be demolished before the book came out. Well, obviously I didn't need to worry.

The end finally came on April 29, 2006, when a demolitions team imploded the structure to make way for a new condo development, part of Asbury's master plan for revitalizing the oceanfront. Will the Wonder Bar be next?

(Photo by Jackie Fritsche)


firestarter said...

here is a building with which you obviously feel indentification. not only is it a climactic location in "Barbed Wire..." but it is in your jacket photo. yet there is no mention of any sense of losing it. do you feel a loss?, the universe telling you to move on ?or no one cares that c8 has stood there waiting for someone to come claim it for the value it is. that strucure has sat there for 18 years, nameless, a forgotten victim of greed and neglect. there stood a promise and it took 18 years for someone to decide and it was decided because no one made a choice. explosions have a lot of symbolism. anger, sexual, political, and finality, i wonder what all of this really symbolizes.

Donaska said...

Wow, Firestarter sounds like she/he has a few issues to deal with. Other than the C8 being a non-living building, it is good that someone finally made a decision to make the world a little more beautiful. Move on . . .if it wasn't going finished, make way for something that will. I love antiques and am all for saving history, but some things just need to be replaced. It shouldn't take 18 years. Get on with your life.