Monday, July 09, 2012

Of ATMs and front-end loaders

Attempting to steal entire ATMs using construction equipment was a fairly rare crime when I wrote about it in the opening chapters of KINGS OF MIDNIGHT. Not so much now, apparently. However, it's a lot easier to pull off this sort of thing within the pages of a crime novel than it is in real life. You can read the story here.


Gene Oberto said...

...and, of course, it was in Florida, where all the nation's flotsam drains to.

Wallace Stroby said...

Gene: I first heard about this type of crime while having lunch with an investigator for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement a couple years ago, so there. At the time, the case they were working on was the first incident they were aware of where an entire ATM was stolen.

Anbo Manufacturing said...

This is really a very unique crime for me.