Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last days - Call me a liar, win free books

Just a couple more days left to call me a liar and win signed copies of both COLD SHOT TO THE HEART and GONE 'TIL NOVEMBER, via a contest I originally hosted over at the Pulp Pusher site, as part of this Q&A interview.

The contest:

Here’s five things about me. One of them is a lie:

1.) I’ve seen TAXI DRIVER fourteen times.

2.) Bruce Springsteen once borrowed my DVD of Monte Hellman’s TWO-LANE BLACKTOP.

3.) Years ago, I had a conversation with Stephen King while standing at adjoining urinals at the New York Hilton.

4.) I went skydiving once, landed in a tree and had to be rescued.

5.) I once hit a Catholic nun in the back of the head with an orange (by accident).

Anyone who wants to take a guess as to which one's a lie can drop me an e-mail at wallace@wallacestroby.com. Deadline for entries is May 31, 2012 (there have been some good responses so far, some correct and some not so). I’ll pick two winners at random from the correct responses, and send them signed copies of the hardback editions of COLD SHOT TO THE HEART and GONE 'TIL NOVEMBER. But be warned, I’m a good liar.


Anonymous said...

So, the deadline was 5/31 -- who won? Donna

Wallace Stroby said...

We have a winner. Post coming soon.