Friday, February 24, 2012

The official KINGS OF MIDNIGHT Facebook page

KINGS OF MIDNIGHT now has its own Facebook page, with exclusive content and regular updates and previews. Today, some rare archival photos from the actual Lufthansa robbery at JFK airport in 1978 that provides a backdrop to the novel (and feel free to "Like" the page while you're there, if indeed you do. It's a little lonely there right now).


Drew M said...


Just joined the page, thanks for the excerpt today. Man, I'm itching to get my hands on this new novel. Not much mob related fiction out there, and, too, had to turn back to GONE TIL NOVEMBER to get my Stroby fix. Keep writing.

Wallace Stroby said...

Thanks very much. I appreciate the kind words.
Not sure if you saw the piece I wrote for the Mulholland Books website last year about dining with some N.J. mobsters, but you might find it interesting. You can find it here.
Hope you like the new book.

Drew said...


Yeah, I did read that, think right after it got posted. Really cool piece. I remember reading it then thinking how mob related fiction was slim. Too, good selection on NCFOM, hell of a movie, even better book.


Wallace Stroby said...

Thanks. Hope you like KINGS. I'll be putting some more cool book-related stuff up on that official FB page soon.
Best, W.