Friday, March 04, 2011


SUSPENSE MAGAZINE reviews the trade paperback edition of GTN:

GONE ‘TIL NOVEMBER by Wallace Stroby

Sara Cross has problems. She is a single mother and her six-year-old son is battling Leukemia. She is one of the best deputies her small Florida town has ever seen.

Sara is the first responder to the scene when a shooting occurs and when she shows up,her ex — a fellow deputy — has shot a young, black man and his story is self defense and it seems that the evidence supports his story. Initially, Sara believes Billy’s story, but the more she investigates the more questions she has.

Mikey-Mike is a New Jersey drug dealer who is having issues. His product is getting a name for being weak. He doesn’t trust his hired man, Morgan, and his money has come up missing. He sends Morgan to Florida to find the missing money and what happened to the carrier. True to form, not only does Mikey send Morgan, but also a couple of thugs to make sure the job gets done.

Morgan has his own agenda and problems he has to deal with. The other thugs definitely don’t blend in to the quiet Florida community well and Sara is caught right in the middle of it all.

Fast-paced and exciting, this book will keep you entertained the whole way through. Characters so life-like, you will feel intense emotions toward each one of them!

Reviewed by Ashley Wintters for Suspense Magazine

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