Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The sounds of Asbury Park, 1967

The Asbury Park music scene, circa 1967. A summer's worth of shows at Convention Hall.

With a tip of the hat to Stan Goldstein.


Jmags said...

That's a 'Who's Who' right there. Didn't Convention Hall become just known simply as Boardwalk Hall. Jersey native Arturo Gatti fought there numerous times, they still have bouts there.

wstroby said...

No, as far as I know, it's always been Convention Hall. I used it as a setting for a boxing match in THE BARBED-WIRE KISS.

Jmags said...

Wow, I was thinking of Boardwalk Hall in A.C. I remember that final scene in Barbed Wire! Dunleavy!