Monday, September 20, 2010

Green fields, blue skies, Spitfires

Some pictures from the Battle of Britain airshow at Duxford airfield in the U.K. Sept. 5, commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Photos by me, video by someone else (click on photos for larger images).

The flightline: 16 Spitfires, wingtip to wingtip. All flew.

The Spits up close.

Four of the last six airworthy Hurricanes in the world. A fifth, from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, did a flyby.

A Hurricane up close.

Hurricane pilot and staff member.

Sally-B, Europe's only airworthy B-17, seen in the film "Memphis Belle."

Sally-B in the air.

"Ferocious Frankie," one of two flying P-51 Mustangs at the show.

Spanish-built Buchons,German Messerschmitt BF-109s, with modifications.

Rare two-seater Spitfire trainers.

Spitfire taxiing.

Spitfires in formation. The 16 took off in groups of four, then joined up to circle the airfield.

Spits in formation.


tintin said...

Beautiful. F-ing kick the door down sheer beauty. I bet it sounded even better.

tintin said...

That last fly by on the vid at 3:26did something below my waist.