Saturday, May 29, 2010


This week, I take a look back at veteran director Phil Karlson's violent 1975 redneck noir FRAMED, over at Steve-O's great Noir of the Week blog.

The ad above is from the Wed. Oct. 1, 1975 issue of the N.Y. Daily News (Page 1 headline: ALI TKOs FRAZIER & KEEPS TITLE). It's a little time capsule from the golden era of 42nd St. double-features. Never did get around to seeing BUG though.

(If you're a fan of "How did they do that?" stunts, check out this ridiculously dangerous car/train collision from FRAMED, co-coordinated by legendary Hollywood stuntman Carey Loftin).

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Anonymous said...

I saw BUG and it is really creepy! You never look at a palmetto bug the same way. I would most likely think it was hokey now, but back then, it was creepy! DMW