Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thought for the day ...


... from the new album, "Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women," featuring Alvin and seven of America's premiere female folk musicians and songwriters. The lyrics are from Alvin's soulful version of "These Times We're Living In," written and originally recorded by the late singer/songwriter Kate Wolf:

If I could, I'd tell you now,
There are no roads that do not bend
The days, like flowers, bloom and fade
And they do not come again.


Unknown said...

Great stuff, but then what else would you expect from Dave Alvin? Glad to see Cindy Cashdollar on there, too.

Steve Brewer said...

This band performed here in Redding, CA, two weeks ago, and included this song in the set. A great show, made all the better by being in a restored 1935 Art Deco theater.

Wallace Stroby said...

On the same day this record came out, Yep Roc released "Man Of Somebody's Dreams: A Tribute To Chris Gaffney," compiled and produced by Alvin in honor of his long-time friend and bandmate, who died last year at age 57.

I'd seen Gaffney play with Alvin, but I knew almost nothing about his own songwriting and performing career. I bought the CD out of a sense of loyalty (it benefits a charity Gaffney favored as well) and wow, was I surprised. It's a great album, with some really first-class songs.