Sunday, September 14, 2008

State of stress

A new University of Cambridge study shows that New Jerseyans are among the most-stressed people in the nation, ranking fourth in neuroticism but way low in agreeableness (34th) and conscientiousness (45th). No surprise, of course. I was traveling recently and it always occurs to me when I arrive back at Newark Airport from some friendlier, less-congested state, that there should be a sign on the concourse that says "WELCOME TO NEW JERSEY: WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU LOOKING AT?"

And speaking of Newark, this isn't helping the state's stress levels much either. It's certainly playing hell with mine.

And updates on that situation here and here.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Detroit must be right up there because I always question, what the hell am I doing here. When I lived in NJ I could always look to the shore and NY. Now I have nothing.

James O. Born said...

What state is more cheerful? I wonder.


wstroby said...

North Dakotans are apparently the nicest, according to that study. And that might well be true, though I can't say that I've ever met anyone from there.

In truth, as far as N.J. goes, those qualities are more in evidence the farther north - ie. closer to NYC - that you get in the state. Drive 90 mins. south and it's a different story. Drive 100 mins. south and it's even better, because you're in Delaware.

JMags said...

What is going on at the Ledger? Will it get bought out? Will it survive at all? I don't really read the Ledger because I live in Bergen County and the Ledger pretty much ignores our area. I don't think they even have movie listings for Bergen, even when the NY Daily News does. Maybe the Ledger will transform into a broadsheet or tabloid format. That might work. Many times I've grabbed a section of the Ledger to read an article only to find that it continues in another section! Why? Also as much as I like the older scribes like Bill Gallo at the News, having Syd Dorfman and Jerry Izenberg is a little too much. The layout needs a change. The whole formatting needs a refresher. One too many times photos were blurred in printing. I do enjoy Franklin McNeil's Sunday boxing column though. Stephen Whitty is an asset. And let's not forget the Pulitzer the Star Ledger won a couple of years ago for it's Jim McGreevy reporting. Well, best of luck!

wstroby said...

It's hard to know what's going to happen. The publisher made this announcement earlier today, basically a threat to reject all the buyouts and shut the paper down entirely on Jan. 5.